Judge investigated for possible vandalism

HOUSTON Woody Densen, a retired visiting judge in Harris County, is under investigation for possibly scratching a neighbor's car. Multiple sources have confirmed to Eyewitness News that Judge Densen is scheduled to testify in front of the grand jury later this week.

The case centers on surveillance video captured by the neighbor. On it, the neighbor describes the man to be Judge Densen, first walking his dog, approaching the car and then appearing to pause behind the neighbor's trunk.

The neighbor says the judge then returns sometime later, without the dog. He claims again the judge pauses behind the vehicle, then continues walking.

Investigators are trying to determine if Densen keyed or scratched the car and whether or not charges should be filed. Our legal analyst says depending on what the grand jury decides, this could be extremely damaging to Judge Densen.

"His law license is at stake, and that's a source of income and responsibility for him," explained KTRK legal analyst Joel Androphy. "This has an immense potential to disrupt his life, not just in the criminal arena, but in the State Bar of Texas."

We tried to contact the judge but he was not home. Judge Densen is expected to testify in front of the grand jury later on this week. We will keep you updated on what happens.

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