Gov. Perry injured in biking accident

AUSTIN, TX Rest is what doctors recommend for this type of injury, and that is what the governor is doing, which means that trip to Galveston today is on hold. He was headed to the island to sign legislation authorizing spending for hurricane recovery, and an overhaul of the Texas windstorm insurance system.

Those around him say he is trying to keep a smile on his face, but the injury is pretty painful.

It is unclear how Governor Perry fell. He was on his mountain bike near his Austin home in the Estates above Lost Creek. After falling, he was rushed to Seton Medical Center.

The governor was released from the hospital around 7:30pm yesterday. His shoulder and arm are in a sling and he has visible bruises.

In most cases, his security team goes along for the bike ride, so we don't believe he was alone at the time. His communication director says it would be unusual if they were not there.

Other than Galveston, Governor Perry was also planning to be in Corpus Christi and South Padre Island. It is not known at this time if or when those trips will be rescheduled.

Broken collarbones often occur from a direct hit to the clavicle bone, which is the bone over the top ofyour chest between your breastbone and shoulder blade.

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