Reopening planned for Gallery Furniture

HOUSTON [PHOTOS: See images from the massive Gallery Furniture fire]

McIngvale plans to reopen the show room here a month from today on July 4th. He calls this a triumph of good over evil.

As McIngvale showed us the extent of the damage, we asked him who he thinks might have set the fire that destroyed his 70,000 square foot warehouse.

"Good question," he said. "That's what the arson investigators and all the guys at ATF are working so hard to find out."

Investigators say the fire was intentionally set by someone. McIngvale admits being interviewed by authorities, as were all Gallery employees. He says he's cooperated with them, something the ATF confirms. Mack, though, wouldn't tell us exactly what they asked him about the May 21st fire that tore through Gallery Furniture.

He said, "All I can tell you is that it seems to me they're leaving no stone unturned in a relentless investigation to find the perpetrator of this crime."

As only McIngvale can, he claims he'd have cut off his hands rather than burn down his business of 28 years. He says he and his wife have done nothing wrong, and as a result have had no reason even to hire an attorney -- criminal or civil.

In a public display of support, his own insurance company presented McIngvale with a $3 million check to start the rebuilding. While authorities work to identify an arson suspect, Mack, though, has not posted any reward for information.

"Not at this time," McIngvale explained. "I've been advised not to."

When pushed on that, McIngvale wouldn't clarify what he meant.

Even in his own time of need he is still giving to others, giving furniture to several USO offices, and $10,000 gift certificates to each of the fire stations that helped put out the blaze last month.

If you have any information on the arson fire at Gallery Furniture, you're asked to 1-888-ATF-FIRE.

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