Two killed in apparent store robbery

HOUSTON The shooting happened Wednesday morning at the store near the intersection of Harrisburg and Everton in east Houston.

Police say one victim was able to pick up a phone and dial 911 before he died. He left police with a very basic description of his shooter, and right now that is the best lead they have so far to finding him.

News of the shooting hit Yolanda Ramirez with a shock. She told us she's been buying gas at the All-Stop food store since she was just 16 years old.

"I'm here every day. That's why I was here. And I saw the thing and I just couldn't believe it," she said. "I mean, Mike was the best person."

Many who gathered to watch the commotion say they knew the owner only as "Mike," but couldn't believe such a familiar face could so suddenly be gone.

"Mike was a very good man, and he would have given you the shirt off his back," said a customer with whom we spoke.

Strangely, though, detectives told us they haven't found a single witness to the shooting that killed the two men, even though it happened at 8am, during what would likely be a busy time for the store.

So the best lead is coming from one of the victims himself, who managed to dial 911 and describe his attacker before he died. The attacker is described only as a black male betwen 21 to 22 years of age with a black shirt and black pants.

"There is sign of a struggle," said Captain Dan Arnold with the Houston Police Department.

Homicide detectives say they found items strewn about the store, but they are still working to figure out if anything is missing. Neighbors who knew Mike say if a robber had demanded any cash, Mike would have handed it over.

"He wouldn't refuse anything, but that's the kind of guy he was," said nearby business owner Daniel Martinez

The victims were identified Thursday as Shahzad Anwer Quraishi, 57, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene. The other victim, Mohammad Aziz Zubair, 55, suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was transported to Ben Taub General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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