Elderly victim relives violent crime

HOUSTON Ralph Mills and his wife have lived in their home for 45 years and they have developed a tradition of sorts over the last few years. Monday night, while in their own driveway, that tradition was rudely interrupted.

Mills says it's hard to walk. But that doesn't stop him and his wife from ordering a pepperoni pizza every Monday night and driving to pick it up.

"Because it's $6.48, it's reasonable and it's delicious," he explained.

After returning to their southwest Houston home Monday night, out of nowhere Mills says two masked men came sprinting up the couple's driveway.

Mills recalled, "I yelled at them. I said, 'What's going on?' And about that time one of the biggest ones grabbed me."

His wallet and cell phone were yanked from out of his pockets, but the men weren't done with Mills yet.

"He took his hand and (shoved me) as hard as he could, for me to hit the concrete," Mills said.

Just feet away the other masked man also grabbed his 84-year-old wife, throwing her to the ground.

"She was on her back screaming, and I mean screaming," Mills said.

As for the pepperoni pizza the couple had just returned home with…

Mills said, "And the pizza pie -- they took it!"

A neighbor outside wrote down a description of the getaway car. The Richwood Place Civic Association emailed it to neighbors. Before long police pulled the car over, detaining all three men inside.

Mills' wife has undergone surgery for a broken hip and he has been at the hospital with her ever since. But this veteran says the suspects are lucky he is not a few years younger.

"There would have been more trouble and I probably would have gotten killed, because I would have gone for him," he said.

The three men detained have not been charged in connection with this robbery and assault but have been charged with several other crimes.

Mills' wife still must go through rehab for her broken hip. But he says when she is out of the hospital they will be ordering their pepperoni pizza for $6.48.

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