Making extra money by selling your skills

HOUSTON It is easier than you might think. For some people it is a hobby, for others it is just a talent, but with a little leg work people are turning those abilities into a profit, and just like you'd sell items at a garage sale, they are selling their skills.

From layoffs to salary cuts, when it comes to the job market, people everywhere are hurting, and in some industries hardly anyone is hiring. That's why many are skipping the job interviews and selling their skills.

Marc Isaacs is an actor and producer whose job offers are drying up.

"It really came down to making money, making more money," Isaacs said.

So Isaacs answered an ad.

"I saw this ad for entertainers -- people who've been accustomed to speaking to large groups of people," he said. He was surprised to learn it was for a test preparation company.

"He said, 'I'm specifically looking for people like you who are actors, entertainers, and performers to come in and teach kids,'" Isaacs said.

Now he's raking in $22 per hour.

"I've been getting paychecks every other Friday and I look and go, 'Wow!'" Isaacs said.

Whether you're answering an ad or placing one, almost all of our success stories used the Internet to find work.

Paul Sanchez is also turning his passion into a paycheck.

"I've been drawing since the age of four, so I've been drawing for 40 years now," Sanchez said.

It began after his friends started asking the artist to sketch their portraits.

"I thought, 'Wow, this is something I love doing, I guess I'll make money at it,'" he said.

Now Sanchez, who works full time for a printing company, has a successful side business called Simply Artistic. He creates everything from murals to t-shirts, and is creating wealth in the process.

"Any extra money that I make is better for my situation," Sanchez said.

Andrew Roggy was always good with numbers.

The internal auditor for Galveston County taught math to earn extra money in college. That's where he got the idea to become a tutor.

"Everything I make goes to bills," Roggy said. "I don't save anything up. I'm not putting anything away for a house, so I just thought I've got to do something about this."

Now the math whiz makes $15 per hour teaching. He says others looking to make money should look at their own talents.

"I'd say, 'Look for what's out there, don't just sit around. You can do it!'" Roggy said.

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