Gas leak finally repaired in SW Houston

HOUSTON The leak happened near Cullen and Cosby. And as we found out, waiting two or three weeks for a gas leak to be fixed is not that uncommon.

Resident near that leak have had to get used to the smell.

"We told all the customers that were out here that we couldn't take it no longer, because eyes were burning, my head was hurting," said nearby resident Anthony Deveaux.

Deveaux says he and his neighbors first smelled the gas leak weeks ago and called CenterPoint. Appliance repairman Elbert Davis said he did the same thing and the company only sent out an inspector.

"CenterPoint sent a man out. They found the leak and said, 'Yea, it's bad. You need to go ahead and get it done'," said Davis. "They marked it off and everything."

Once the marks were made, CenterPoint didn't come back until Thursday afternoon, causing neighbors to get anxious.

"These people over here, they suffer," said Davis. "Everybody had headaches every day."

CenterPoint says the perceived delay is not unusual. That's because once a call is made, the company assesses the leak. If it's inside a confined space, it's classified as a 'Class A' leak and repaired immediately. However, outdoor leaks are generally a 'Class B,' and the company has up to 6 months to fix those lower priority leaks.

That length of time may be surprising, though for neighbors near this leak, they're just glad that a repair team finally showed up.

"I'm praying that they can get it over with as soon as possible," said Deveaux. "I'm happy they came."

CenterPoint was able to repair this leak, but say they're unfortunately not that uncommon.

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