Repair work begins on Galveston's seawall

May 21, 2009 9:50:49 AM PDT
Residents and visitors to Galveston Island will notice the changes along the island's seawall. Crews are working to repair the seawall, which was heavily damaged during Hurricane Ike. Work is well underway on the westernmost part of the seawall, repairing damage left behind by Hurricane Ike. The Army Corps of Engineers wants to remind anyone visiting the island during the holiday weekend to be careful around the work zones. Work will slow down during the weekend, but the construction sites are still active.

Colonel David Weston with the Army Corps of Engineers explained, "Recreation is a critical part of Galveston's economy, so we're working with them. We have days off, for example, one day on the weekend that we're not working so the beach-goers and everybody can come down here and enjoy the summer and Memorial Day weekend in particular coming up."

The seawall will be restored to its previous level of protection, but along the end there will be a slight change. A lot of water came up behind and around the end of the seawall during Ike, so a curve is being added to try to prevent that from occurring again.

Work will continue until about mid-summer. Workers are reminding visitors that they are helping to restore Galveston and they just need a little cooperation and common courtesy.

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