Driver loses control, slams into home


The crash happened around 3:30am on San Augustine near the East Beltway. One of the women told police she had just climbed into bed when the Jeep crashed into her bedroom.

"I just took a walk in and see it is like, 'Oh my God, what could have happened?'" Judy Williams, one of the victim's relatives.

When Williams arrived to her mother and aunt's townhome in Pasadena, a Jeep was jammed backwards into the front wall. Williams' mother was in another room, but her aunt, Betty McCurdy, was in that front bedroom when the Jeep hit the curb, jumped onto the lawn and ricocheted off a tree, flipping backwards into the bedroom.

"The Jeep hit the bed and it bounced her back against the wall," said Williams. "My heart stopped for a minute, thinking what could have happened if that tree hadn't been there. I'm so thankful for that tree."

The two women were taken to the hospital, but have already been released. The driver, a 25-year-old man, was taken by Life Flight to the hospital with severe head injuries.

Neighbor Claudia McParland lives in a townhome with the same floor plan.

"It's scary because I live on the side of the street and anything could happen, you know. I mean the windows, those two windows are bedrooms, you know. Someone is going to be sleeping there. It's not like the bedrooms are towards the back," said McParland.

"When they're coming down this way, a lot of people don't realize that this curve is here, and it surprises me that it didn't happen sooner," said neighbor Wayne Miller.

Pasadena police are investigating whether speed and alcohol played a role in the crash. It's a thought that saddens Williams, but not just because of her own family.

"He is somebody's son. He is somebody's brother and maybe a father and I do feel sorry for him and I do hope he's OK," said Williams.

The driver is listed as stble, but his injuries are severe. As for McCurdy, she is still complaining of back pain and is going to see her regular doctor.

Family members say the damage left behind by the driver will take a while to clean up.

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