Student brutally assaulted on school grounds

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The attack, which happened last week at McMeans Junior High School on Westheimer Pkwy near South Fry Road, was a brutal one. It was so brutal that we aren't going to give you all the specifics. But it's raising some questions from parents.

Still in his work clothes, Brett McMaster is searching out weeds in his garden. It's relaxing, especially after the bad seed that was planted in his mind last week.

"I couldn't believe it happened," he said.

Katy ISD confirms that an 8th grade boy was assaulted on an athletic field last week at McMeans by two other 8th graders. It was sexual in nature.

Parents in the area picking up their kids can't understand how it happened on campus.

"Where are teachers? Where are the teachers when this is happening? Who was there? Why aren't they being watched?" asked parent Bonnie Bilski.

"I'm definitely going to talk to my neighbors and make sure that our children on our street aren't part of this," added parent Kimberley Hervie.

What's also churning through McMaster's mind is why the school has been silent on the assault.

Katy ISD released the following statement to ABC13.

"The campus administration did not notify the entire community in order to protect the privacy of the families involved and because the incident was isolated and there was no threat to any other students."

"Should have sent home a letter or phone call or something, saying what happened," said McMaster. "My kids didn't have to tell me. The school could have called the parents."

Katy ISD says they have investigated the incident and have disciplined the students appropriately. Because the students have already been disciplined, officials with the Katy school district say it's case closed.

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