HISD school swine flu cases up to 24

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But HISD is concerned about the 40 percent of students who rely on the school for lunch. So officials are handing out box lunches at a nearby park.

So far, about a dozen students have shown up today to pick these free lunches. Most of the lunches are being kept in a refrigerator truck. Inside the lunch bags are peanut butter sandwiches, fresh fruit and all of the things with proper nutrition.

It was last week when school officials noticed a number of students were sick after a couple of days. With so many students out, they made the official decision to close the school after the 12th confirmed cases of swine flu came in. On Monday, the number of confirmed cases rose to 24 total.

HISD says they are doing handing out the lunches today to make sure that all students have a proper lunch.

"Boxed lunches will be available to all students," said said Principal Suzy Walker. "All they need to do is come by and pick them up. If students are sick or showing symptoms, another family member can pick up the lunch for them."

They are not expected to have a big turnout today, but they do expect the number to grow as the week goes and as the word is spread about the free lunches.

They will be giving out these lunches from 10:30am until noon every day until kids return back to class next Tuesday. Monday is a holiday, so no lunch will be handed out that day.

The students who were confirmed to have swine flu are said to be recuperating at home.

Parents with questions about the swine flu can call HISD's information center. That number is 713-556-6005. You can call weekdays from 8am to 5pm.

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