Jewelry thieves caught on surveillance video

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"When I got the call, I thought it was another one of these false alarms," said Jay Freedman with Jonathan's Fine Jewelers just off the Richmond strip.

The bad news for Freedman is that the call he got was not a false alarm. Two men broke into the store.

"These guys knew exactly what they were doing," said Freedman.

The two thieves broke into the store, smashed display cases, grabbed a couple of hundred watches, wedding bands and other jewelry and took off, all in under 120 seconds.

"They knew how long it was gonna take them," said Freedman. "They knew how long they had. They were in an out in two minutes."

One of the owners is amazed at how the thieves even got into the store.

"The fact that they could throw their head through a piece of glass means that they don't think like I do," said Freedman.

The surveillance video shows one thief shattering display cases with a hammer while his partner scoops up the loot.

"I think they probably have visited a time or two and figured out a plan and then they executed it," said John Siegel with Jonathan's Fine Jewelers.

On Monday, the owners watched workers clean up and repair the damage left by the burglars. The partners hope people who see the surveillance video will help police catch the thieves.

"These guys look a little familiar based on some other people's tapes and we're hoping that someone will recognize them or somehow give us a tip that we can get back and find these people," said Siegel.

The owners of Jonathan's jewelers have not figured the total value of the stolen items.

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