Unregistered sex offender arrested

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Humble police have arrested an Humble man who has already served time for sexually abusing a five-year-old boy more than a decade ago. On Wednesday he was arrested for a second time, but only after becoming a leader in a local church.

The light in Dan DeLeon Flores' Humble apartment is out. His jeep sits in its usual spot. Flores was arrested around 10:30am Wednesday for allegedly sexually abusing a nine-year-old on at least two occasions.

His neighbors had no idea why police took him away.

"They handcuffed him, then they let him come back out and lock his door and lock his vehicle," said a neighbor.

Flores was arrested when the nine-year-old made an outcry. Police said he had a relationship with her mother who passed away some time ago.

Once the outcry was made, police realized they were dealing with an unregistered sex offender. In 1994, Flores was charged with sexually assaulting a five-year-old boy, but plead to a lesser charge and spent two years in prison.

"He admitted that he did molest a child in the first case. He admitted that he had a sickness and that he had tried to stay away from children after prison until this family came along. He admitted he's not cured, but he would not admit to molesting this child," said Humble Police Department Det. Jackie Blanchard.

While never registering as a sex offender, he also climbed the ranks at a nearby Humble church, leaving behind the possibility of more victims.

"I believe he had contact with children. He was a board member at a church," said Det. Blanchard.

Now facing the latest charge of continuous sexual abuse of child, Flores' neighbors are not expecting him home anytime soon.

"It's still hard to believe," said the neighbor.

Despite not admitting to his latest crime, detectives told us Flores did fail a polygraph test. He's being held without bond and he faces a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Though Flores was a board member of a local church, Humble police told us they do not know the name of the church since it's not part of their investigation because the alleged crime did not take place there.

You can read more about this investigation in our Houston Community Newspaper partner, The Humble Observer.

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