Habitat for Humanity helps Houston

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Eyewitness News pitched in to help out, providing the manpower, and a future homeowner gave us the inspiration for the work.

One nail at a time. The way any house is built, but this is not just any house.

"We're working on my house with Houston Habitat," said future homeowner Lawanda Roberts.

It will one day belong to Roberts, a woman putting hundreds of hours of her own time into building it.

"A lot of people don't have the opportunity to work on their own homes, you know. They pick them out and pick out certain things, but they don't have the opportunity to put their nails in," said Roberts.

This weekend, Roberts is doing just that alongside volunteers from KTRK-TV.

"I just think it's great for us to come together and help the community, and help the family whose very deserving," said KTRK employee Cindy Rial.

Habitat for Humanity is ready to help more deserving families, but unfortunately just can't find the funds lately.

"I've been seeing this in other organizations along with ours. The contribution level is kind of low because of the recession," said Stephen Sye of Habitat for Humanity.

It's about 20% lower than the organization would like and they want to remind people that they're building more than just a house.

"We're really about building community ... differently than other neighborhoods," said Sye.

This neighborhood, Umland Park, on Houston's south side, is slated for completion by the end of the year.

"They already know a lot of their neighbors,... work side by side," said KTRK employee Sherrie Butterbaugh.

It is work Roberts is already so thankful they're here to do.

"It's just gonna be exciting, thrilling to walk into those doors knowing it's mine," said Roberts.

Roberts' house isn't the only one going up in Umland Park. Habitat for Humanity is building more than 100 homes there.

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