Mysterious charges on debit cards

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Investigators are trying to figure out just how many victims might be involved. The victims with whom we've spoken want you to be aware that someone could be out there, trying to rip you off.

Megan Moreno is keeping close watch on her checking account now after her husband found a $242 charge on it Thursday from an H-E-B in Katy.

"I was furious," she said.

Moreno is so upset because she lives near Missouri City, not Katy, and says neither she nor her husband have ever shopped at that store.

"I'm just worried that there's other people that this has happened to," she said.

So she told her neighbors and sure enough, the same thing had happened to them.

"We hadn't been there at all," said Jared, who didn't want us to use his last name. "We only go to one H-E-B."

Jared says someone bought $230 dollars worth of cigarettes and vitamin water using his account number on Tuesday at yet another Katy-area H-E-B. After cancelling his card, he says someone Wednesday and Thursday tried to make similar purchases. Thankfully, he says, his card was declined.

"I just can't wait for them to get caught," said Jared. "We all want to prosecute."

The neighbors have each filed reports with the Ft. Bend County Sheriff's Office. The only common point the victims can figure is that they all shop at H-E-B, but the one near their neighborhood by Sienna Plantation. They say this case is a good reminder for everyone to be vigilant in watching their bank statements.

An H-E-B spokesperson told us Friday afternoon this case is of extreme concern to them, releaseing the following statement:

"We are investigating the issue. We are working with the customers in resolving any questionable charges to their accounts and we are cooperating with investigating officers."

If you have been ripped off, you can help their investigation by calling Ft. Bend County Crime Stoppers at 281-342-TIPS.

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