Baby allegedly hurt by father

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Authorities are trying to figure out exactly what happened and where that girl's father is because they have some questions they want to ask him.

The baby girl is being treated at Children's Hospital. Investigators told us they do not believe her injuries are life-threatening.

Precinct 4 Deputy Constables are still searching for the little girl's father. They said he was drunk when she was injured.

Deputies said the baby's mother arrived home to find the father holding their injured eight-month-old baby girl. That's when neighbors jumped in to help.

"The baby was full of blood. He's (the father) full of blood on his cheek, on his hair," said neighbor Domingo Reyes.

Another neighbor, Brad Neidigk , said, "We were kind of scared. We didn't really know what happened."

The neighbors helped convince the father to hand the baby over and then called 911. "Within minutes, the police were here. By that time, they (mother and father) were already gone," said Neidigk.

Investigators with Precinct 4 said the mother, father and baby left the home. Then the mother and baby returned after the father fled on foot.

"We are searching for him (the father) in the area. We do not know, we weren't give information on where he jumped out of the truck," said Lt. F. David Escobar of the Precinct 4 Constable's Office.

Deputies said they believe the father was drunk when the baby was hurt.

"He was way beyond drunk. I don't know if he dropped the baby or he hit the baby. I wasn't in the house," said Reyes.

That's something investigators said doctors will help them figure out and decide what charges the father could face.

Neighbors said they do not want to see the father again, but that's not what concerns them right now.

"I'm just concerned about the baby," said Reyes.

CPS is also investigating the case. It has placed the family's other children in the care of relatives.

Investigators told us the father they are searching for is an illegal immigrant who has been deported twice before.

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