Home invasion victim pleads with mayor

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We first told you about Louversa Davis on Monday. Since then, the city has responded to her long wait for help and her worries that senior citizens in Houston have been forgotten.

Davis said she's concerned about more than just the delayed response time by police. She's very worried about the overall safety of the senior citizens living in her neighborhood of Kashmere Gardens. On Tuesday, she and her two daughters came to City Hall to speak out on their behalf.

"I sit there, I sit there, my heart is going 50 miles an hour," said Davis.

That's how Davis felt as she waited seven hours for Houston police to respond to her 911 call after her home was burglarized. Davis and her daughters said they didn't come to city Hall seeking publicity, but to instead shed light on what they believe is a lack of concern for the safety of seniors in the wake of a recent string of burglaries.

"We have not gotten any help so i'm here today to see what we can do as a team, as a city, to help these seniors in that neighborhood," said Davis' daughter, Sophia Davis-Fields.

While crime in Kashmere Gardens is down slightly this year, the numbers aren't reflective of how residents are feeling and have done little, if nothing at all, to change their perception about crime. Houston Mayor Bill White acknowledged those concerns.

"So long as there's any of these numbers, then we ought to be vigilant in trying to do better," said Mayor White.

A town hall meeting is in the works, as the investigation into the delayed response by Houston police continues. Both the HEC Center and Houston Police Department remain at odds over who failed Louversa Davis.

"I don't want to say who dropped the ball. I will just say there are some items or processes identified in the dispatch function that we are working jointly with HPD on to improve," said David Cutler of the HEC Center.

David lives in Councilman Jarvis Johnson's district who has requested more patrols in the neighborhood. Johnson also wants to review the 911 tapes and he has written a letter to Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt about the delayed response.

No date has been set for the town hall meeting.

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