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Families were lined up, like they do every Friday, to receive food here at the Community Family Centers on the east side. But today, the offering is not limited to food, but includes potentially lifesaving information about avoiding the swine flu. They got fliers with important health information in both English and in Spanish.

"This might be one of the major places that they get the information from," said Maria Morales with the Community Family Center. "Right now, what I think is happening is that a lot of people assuming and being afraid and scared, not knowing what to do, how to handle if they do have symptoms of the flu."

"It's scary because it's a virus and I think that is in the air and anybody can catch it if they don't take care of themselves," said community center client Rose Marie Martinez.

Information about the swine flu has saturated the airwaves but Morales wants to make sure this special part of our population gets the right information about the virus.

"I'd say 98 percent of the people we serve are Hispanic and most of them do come from Mexico," said Morales.

Mexico has been reported as the epicenter of this virus that has spread worldwide.

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