Girl, 12, allegedly killed her father

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Katy police are investigating this highly unusual case that occurred around 11:15am in the Heritage Park West subdivision. Neighbors tell Eyewitness News they are completely shocked, having no idea of any problems facing this family.

Police believe the 12-year-old and her father had gotten into some sort of argument. Following the fight the father went to lie down in his bedroom. That's when police say it appears the 12-year-old shot her father in the back of the head.

The father was flown by Life Flight to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he died Wednesday night.

The girl has been transferred to Harris County Juvenile Detention Center. Authorities said the District Attorney's Office has accepted a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. They said it is a felony one charge, but since the father died the charge could be upgraded to murder.

Authorities recovered a .38 caliber revolver from the house, which they believe may have been the weapon. Neighbors are at a loss upon hearing the news.

"She was usually hanging out with all the kids, playing basketball, playing games," recalled neighbor Jonathan Kokel. "She didn't seem like a troubled kid at all. I don't see why anything like this would happen."

The girl's grandmother issued a statement, "This is a delicate situation for the family. We're going to leave it up to God. We don't understand what happened and why."

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