Heavy rains flood parts of Houston area

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Along the Gulf Freeway at Almeda-Genoa in southeast Houston, drivers had nowhere to go as the streets filled with water. Several vehicles stalled in the high water.

Many drivers pulled their cars over and chose to wait for the water to subside. One man we spoke with last night told us he was worried because he couldn't get to his daughter, who was inside Almeda Mall at the time.

"My daughter works at the mall. She gets out at 9 o'clock and I can't even get to her," said Javier Rodriguez, who was stuck by the high water. "She only 17 year old. I don't want her out here in this rain."

The good news is that he eventually walked over to the mall and picked up his daughter. They waited under an overpass before they headed home.

There were similar problems in Pasadena. Some drivers took a chance driving through high waters near the intersection of Stratford and Harris. Others decided to get out and walk.

And in La Porte, the rough weather caused a ceiling to cave in at an apartment building for seniors at around 8:30pm. No one was hurt. Fifty-eight residents of the Bayview Senior Apartments were evacuated to hotels for the night. No injuries were reported. The building was still undergoing repairs from Hurricane Ike.

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