Boy suspect's family blames 7-year-old

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Throughout this case, authorities say there have been conflicting reports from both families about exactly what happened to the baby. But now there is another twist to this case, as the family of the 12-year-old boy says another child hurt the baby.

With her arms folded and saying little, Tawanna Scott came to the media, trying to show that her 12-year-old son is no killer.

She said, "I just want my son to come home, because I know he didn't do it."

While Scott gave no details why she believed her son was innocent, her attorney passionately defended the preteen boy.

"That's where they need to go and focus this investigation, and not this 12-year-old boy, charging him with capital murder like he's an adult killer," said attorney Ronald Ray.

The attorney claims on the day of the incident the 12-year-old's own aunt overheard one of the children in the home say a seven-year-old threw the baby on the ground. It's a statement they say the 12-year-old has maintained throughout his arrest.

Family spokesperson Rev. Johnnie Jeremiah explained, "He said that the seven-year-old took the baby and threw the baby, as simple as that. He picked the baby up and he put the baby on the couch."

The incident happened on March 12. Scott claims she dropped her son off at her friend's home the day before the incident because he had been suspended from school. Authorities believe at some point that friend left the 12-year-old in charge of at least two minor children when the baby was injured.

Although statements about the incident have been taken, HPD would not comment whether any new claims about a seven-year-old have been made. The DA's office would only say any and all leads in the case are being investigated.

On Wednesday, Child Protective Services claimed the two children witnesses in the home both accused the 12-year-old of injuring the baby. That's a claim the family now refutes, pointing blame elsewhere.

"Who failed these children?" asked Ray. "Who left them in a situation where this could happen? Because if they had adult supervision, this baby would be alive today."

It's important to note that no person other than the 12-year-old has been charged in this case. We have not been successful in our attempts to contact the dead baby's mother. The 12-year-old is due back in court on May 5.

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