Dangerous intersection causes another wreck

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Those residents called us after a collision at the intersection of Hollister and the Beltway. They say the fact there's a stop sign and not a signal light there is a big problem.

We talked with one local business owner who has been corresponding with local leaders and the Texas Department of Transportation asking that a stoplight be placed at the intersection.

Business owner Heida Thurlow was working at her cookware company when she heard a loud noise.

"We looked outside thinking, where's the thunder coming from? It was a bright blue sky," said Thurlow.

The thunder was the impact of a fiery crash between a utility truck and a car at Hollister and the Sam Houston Tollway feeder.

"We've had vehicles everywhere, including dealing with a commercial vehicle being partially tipped over," said Asst. Chief Wesley Cole of the Northwest Fire Department.

This is not the first time Thurlow and her co-workers have seen a medical helicopter outside their office windows. Thurlow has dozens of pictures of the accidents while tracking the incidents since last June.

"This is probably the twentieth accident within the last six months," said Thurlow.

Employees regularly use a first aid kit they've assembled and neighbors here are just as concerned.

"We had one of our employees that was injured and hospitalized only three days ago. He's still in the hospital. It's just getting annoying," said Richie Suarez who works near the intersection.

Even Cole empathized, saying, "This is a dangerous intersection. As a matter of fact, we have had at least three significant accidents here within the last two to three weeks."

Many here believe the stop sign should be replaced with a stop light.

"We need to have something done," said Thurlow.

It would ease the constant concern of so many and Thurlow can focus more on running her cookware company which lately has also been a first aid station.

We have placed calls into TX DOT and we are waiting for their response.

Deputies at the scene of today's wreck say it's fortunate none of the three victims have life threatening injuries. Two of those were taken by medical helicopter to local hospitals while another went by ambulance.

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