Bee season is here

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Claude Griffin has a big task ahead of him.

"It's gonna be bad. I can smell 'em," said Griffin.

Griffin has to clear this house of a huge infestation of bees. The homeowner told us she finally got fed up after four years of buzzing and had to get help.

"It was time to go, I couldn't handle it had to move out and see if someone could come help me," said homeowner Jacqueline Angelo.

Griffin pounds, saws, and pries out large honey combs.

"Yes, yes! Woo! Got a beat down? Who you gonna call?" said Griffin.

After about a half hour of work, Griffin finds the queen.

"Oh, we got a little queen bee in there hanging out. That's okay," said Griffin. "Probably 180 pounds of honey in this house."

Griffin suffered dozens of bites, which is par for the course in his line of work.

"I didn't expect them to kick my butt like that. They weren't playing, man," said Griffin. "You got about 780,000 bees in this house right now. This is a good lesson to learn because if you don't pay attention to your home and you're not out there couple days a week seeing what's going on, you're gonna have a problem."

Griffin told us he'll take the bees he removed from that house, put them in a backpack, then jump on his dirt bike and ride out into the woods where he will release the bees.

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