Catching a suspected purse snatcher

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That tumble landed Jacqueline Boss, 44, in the hospital with a broken leg. She was at a restaurant and bar in Galveston, when she says she saw a man grab her friend's purse and she ran after him.

Boss may be released from the hospital as soon as Tuesday. While her road to recovery may be long and difficult, the one thing that wasn't damaged throughout this whole ordeal was her spirit.

"He walked over to the table, just quickly snatched it and ran out the front door," Boss said.

The purse belonged to Boss' friend, but her keys and wallet were inside, so she sprung into action.

"It was instinct," said Boss. "I would give anybody anything. I just don't want them taking my stuff."

The suspect, Joshua Griffin, 21, jumped over a five-foot concrete wall. Boss followed him.

"It was boom," said Boss. "I heard a snap and I went down and I kept telling him, 'I broke my leg, I broke my leg. Get him, get him'."

Boss held onto Griffin by his T-shirt and wouldn't let go. Bartender Sean Clare and three other guys pinned him down until police arrived.

"His arms got free every now and then," said Clare. "He tried to swing at us."

"I just grabbed his shoe that fell off and started hitting him in the head with it and told him, 'It's your fault my leg is broken'," said Boss. "I was so upset."

And she's angry that Griffin was only charged with misdemeanor theft. The Galveston County District Attorney's Office says it was based on the information cops provided.

"We would have charged him with robbery in a heartbeat, but the elements simply weren't there in this instance," said Kirk Sistrunk with the Galveston County District Attorney's Office.

Boss, who recently underwent surgery to have pins placed in her leg, says she would do it all over again.

"What's right is right. What's mine is mine," said Boss. "And that's how I feel."

We've learned Griffin is accused of another purse-snatching, also on Seawall Boulevard. He has since bonded out of jail. A day later, charges were accepted on the felony offense of stalking, which was unrelated to this case.

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