Tornado reportedly hits Seabrook

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More than six months after Hurricane Ike, Rick Hebert finds himself cleaning up damage again. He was caught for a second time in a storm his home couldn't escape.

"Within a few weeks, we were going to move back in. Now, we are going to get together this and make another insurance claim and hopefully they will cover us this time," he said.

The reported tornado path tore through Seabrook around 4:30pm. The intense winds and rains were so powerful, it toppled Bill and Nina Clayton's greenhouse to the ground.

"The greenhouse made it through Ike," said Nina. "The tornado lifted it."

Just down the road, the scene was devastatingly similar.

"I saw the winds start twirling the rain outside in a circle, said Steve McCurrey.

McCurrey's home was also devastated during Hurricane Ike watched his store shed disappear. He rode the storm out in a travel trailer he now calls home.

"The slide outs we have on it were sitting there moving up and down," said McCurrey. So it was a rough ride for a little while there."

The storm that brought the winds also knocked power to hundreds and left some streets impassable. It also caused problems at city hall.

"We lost power over there. We have a mobile 911 from the county over there with our 911 service," said Seabrook Mayor Gary Renola.

For Hebert, who was just one month away from moving back into his home, he is dealt with another frustrating blow.

"Get another contractor out and start working on it and living in the apartment for a while," said Hebert.

There were no reports of any injuries.

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