Suspected robber grandma appears in court

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Sue Walker's middle name is Luckey, but it appears that her luck may have run out. She's accused of robbing two banks on the same day that are basically next door to each other.

The grandmother, who has no prior arrests or record of any type, appeared before a judge Friday morning. She was in a wheelchair, due to some medical problems. She's accused of robbing a Wells Fargo bank and a Wachovia bank earlier this week. According to court documents, in both cases Walker allegedly presented the teller with a note that read, "Put the money in the bag."

In one case, one of the tellers asked her if she was kidding. Walker reportedly said that she had a gun.

This is the third time this week that Walker's court hearing was pushed back due to medical problems.

"She's a diabetic and has some other medical problems," said attorney Alvis Rogers. "She's sick. "

When asked if Walker had made any comments on why she may have committed the crime, Rogers answered, "We have no comments on that at this time. There are several problems, but we don't have any comments on it."

The prosecutor says Walker made a videotaped confession. Her next court date has been set for May 8.

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