Katy toll lanes set to open tomorrow

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The lanes will allow drivers to pay to drive in the HOV lanes. The managed lanes will run from near the 610 Loop all the way to Highway 6. That means solo drivers willing to pay for it can use an HOV lane 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Everything on the Katy Tollway is ready to go for tomorrow's opening to the public -- the electronic signs, the double lanes, and the toll booths.

Single drivers who have an EZ Tag will be able to pay for the privilege of avoiding the main lanes of traffic.

The managed lanes will stretch 12 miles from Highway 6 to the Loop. If a driver were to take the Tollway from one end to the other during peak traffic, it will cost $4. However, rates vary depending on time and distance.

During HOV hours, the inside lane that is closest to the toll booths will be HOV lanes. The outside lanes of the managed lanes will be for EZ Tag drivers.

The Harris County Toll Road Authority warns that if you think you may be in the wrong lane, do not stop but keep going and you can call them afterwards to sort it out.

Learn more about the Katy Freeway Managed Lanes

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