Suspects run over deputy during getaway

April 6, 2009 4:16:46 PM PDT
A Harris County Sheriff's deputy is recovering from a wild run-in with suspected car burglars. The deputy was hit by a car, and began firing through the windshield while on the suspect's hood.[SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

The Harris County Sheriff's deputy is listed as stable, with some possibly broken ribs and some bumps and bruises. He was wounded when two suspects allegedly hit him with their car as they tried to get away from him at the Houston Community College campus off the Katy Freeway Monday morning.

Houston police were able to apprehend both men. One of them was captured at Bendwood Elementary School, which was put into lockdown along with two other Spring Branch ISD schools.

It all started when the deputy, who had the men under surveillance as part of his work with an undercover drug task force, followed them and saw them trying to break into cars. That's when he called for Houston police backup and together, they tried to box the suspects in with their vehicles.

The deputy says the suspects then hit him with their car. He landed on the hood and fired shots into the car. He hit one of the suspects in the mouth, but the men drove away anyway. They were followed by two concerned citizens in their own cars.

Witness Darryl Phillips said, "The suspects hit a couple of cars at school. They hit this young man's car. They almost hit my car with my wife sitting in it. I jumped out of the way and proceeded to follow them."

"Here we are in the u-turn area of the freeway of I-10, and the two guys, I guess they busted two tires, because they couldn't drive the car anymore," explained witness Ramie El Haj. "Two guys came out of the car drenched in blood."

The suspects hit El Haj's car and nearly hit Phillips' car as well. The suspect who was shot was taken to Ben Taub Hospital. The other suspect was taken to the Houston Police Department. There's no word yet what charges they will face.

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