Couple charged in skateboard beating

March 20, 2009 8:24:35 PM PDT
A Crosby man and his wife are charged in connection with the beating of their son. Deputies say the father used a skateboard to do it. [SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

There are arrest warrants out for Leonard Law and his wife Amy, both special education teachers Dayton School District. Authorities are giving them a chance to turn themselves in.

The husband has been charged with beating his son. His wife charged for not reporting abuse. Officials say the boy's arms were so bruised he couldn't move them.

The Crosby home where authorities say the incident happened is quiet. Toys litter the driveway and yard, and among them two skateboards, one broken.

Officials with the Precinct 3 Constables Office believe this is where a 16-year-old boy was beaten by his father with skateboards after he was caught smoking a cigarette in the bathroom.

"He hit the kid until it broke and he grabbed another one and was going to hit him, but the mother came in and stopped him," said Capt. Jack Hagee of the Harris County Precinct 3 Constables Office.

That was Tuesday. Authorities say that it wasn't until Thursday that the boy, a student at Dayton High School, cried out at school.

"The nurse in the case reported the young boy had been bruised all up and down his arms and legs," said Harris County Asst. District Attorney Donna Hawkins.

Both special education teachers are in Dayton ISD. Leonard teaches at his son's school, while Amy is at Woodrow Wilson Junior High.

"The safety of our students comes first," said Dayton ISD Superintendent Greg Hayman.

Hayman said the boy's mother and father were pulled out of school and placed on paid administrative leave.

"I was shocked. I was just shocked. You never expect those kinds of reports or those kinds of allegations about staff members. It's disheartening," said

In their eight years, Hayman says the couple had a good record with the district. He's conducting his own investigation as officers do theirs.

"The father admitted he had hit him at least 10 times," said Capt. Hagee.

For now, the teen and the couple's two other children are staying with relatives and two schools are each down a teacher. It could be permanent.

"We're going to take appropriate measures to remedy this as soon as possible," said Hayman.

We did speak to a neighbor and family member. Neither wanted to go on camera, but they did tell us there's more to the story. They say the teen has mental health problems and is on medication. In addition to both the school and criminal investigations, CPS is also looking into the case.

What's next for the parents as far as their teaching jobs are concerned? The Superintendent of Dayton ISD says he will publicly announce his decision at next month's school board meeting.

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