DeJesus' friends still in shock

March 13, 2009 2:55:34 PM PDT
Those close to Susana DeJesus are speaking out, having to deal with the reality Wednesday that their friend and loved one is gone. [PHOTOS: See images from search for Susana DeJesus]
[FULL COVERAGE: Eyewitness News coverage of the DeJesus case]

For five weeks friends and relatives of DeJesus have waited for an answer.

"We're devastated with what has happened. Her family is heartbroken. There's no words," said close friend Patty Zepeda

The call from the medical examiner Wednesday morning was not what they hoped to hear.

"We still prayed that it's not her, somebody that looked liked her. We didn't want it to be her. It's hard to finally know that it is her," said Zepeda.

Zepeda was a close friend of DeJesus. She spoke from the heart Wednesday afternoon about the crime.

"He didn't have to take her and do this to her, have us looking for her for five weeks," said Zepeda.

So did the people who have been involved in trying to solve the case from police to volunteers with the Laura Recovery Center.

"The volunteers that come out to essentially take back what this horrible person has done, those volunteers are tremendous," said Dawn Davis of the Laura Recovery Center.

The Laura Recovery Center typically only works cases involving children.

"This is one you knew right off the bat that things were bad and whatever had happened, we had to help try to find her," said Executive Director Bob Walcutt.

Walcott said the unusual circumstances pulled them in.

"We felt we could not stop. We had to help this family and that's exactly what we did do. She's local, she lives in this community and we wanted to help that family," said Walcutt.

From those closest to De Jesus to the volunteers who spent hours looking for her, they had prayed for weeks that this is not how it would end.

"Suzy was a lovely, lovely person. She's in heaven now with God, with the angels. She's in a much better place now and we know she's doing good now," said Zepeda.

Funeral arrangements for Susana De Jesus have not been made yet. Zepeda is asking for prayers for the DeJesus family, saying that toughest days are still to come.

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