Four wounded in shootings near HS

February 28, 2009 6:53:22 AM PST
Bullets started flying just moments after school let out Friday afternoon in northeast Houston. One shooting incident occurred near Barbara Jordan High School and another at a nearby bus stop. At least three students were shot.[SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

Houston police are questioning about a dozen people in a shooting that left four people wounded and many other people frightened and stunned.

The convenient store across the street from Barbara Jordan High School is quiet, closed for much of the evening after a shooting in the parking lot. Those who worked nearby aren't entirely surprised.

"All the time. They went all the way to the bus stop, all the way to the Metro," said some concerned workers as to whether they've ever seen any fights around the school.

It went beyond words Friday though. After 4pm, a 16-year-old student met his uncle outside the store waiting for a ride home after class. Moments later, they were both shot.

"There was an altercation. Several males involved here. One individual pulled out a gun, several shots were fired. We believe at least one individual was hit here," said Sgt. Chris Cegielski of the Houston Police Department.

The shootings didn't end there. Police said the suspects were followed by another group to the Metro Transit Center at the end of the block. More shots were fired. Two female students were caught in the crossfire.

"Several shots were fired there and a couple of young ladies were hit there," said Sgt. Cegielski.

All three students are hospitalized and their wounds are said to be non-life threatening. To the grandmother of one of the victims, there are questions to be answered.

"I don't know why all these altercations are going on. I don't know why people who are not in school are allowed to hang out around schools. I don't know why something can't be done about that," said Brenda Long.

There are police assigned to the school to protect against intruders. For now, they will also be patrolling off campus.

"We don't know if these are random, if it was directed at certain people and therefore wouldn't be a threat to someone else. We don't know that and until we do, we're going to have some extra patrols out here to be more visible," said Norm Uhl, HISD spokesperson.

Police haven't yet said if the suspects might be students themselves. As far as the three students who were shot are concerned, their conditions are said to be stable and good.

If you know anything about these shootings, call crime stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. You don't have to give your name and could earn a cash reward.

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