Local woman vs. raw sewage

February 11, 2009 4:36:55 AM PST
A local woman has big problems because of raw sewage in her lawn and she wants something done about it.[SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

Despite the city coming to check the problem out, nothing has been resolved. So for the last few months, Rosa Fernandez has been going hand-to-hand with raw sewage oozing from a hole in her backyard.

"The smell, especially the smell during the day," said Fernandez.

The green water was actually tame when we were there Tuesday, but on several other occasions it's flooded her backyard, even running underneath the house.

Other homes on her block have plumbing problems, but none sport the open sewage wound that she has. Dealing with the city since December, Fernandez found out her lot is where a sewage line ends. That's all the city has told her.

"They come and go, they come and go. They keep telling me, 'We're gonna find it. We're gonna find it'," said Fernandez.

Neighbors suspect new development across the street may have played a role, but aren't sure.

In the meantime, Fernandez is running out of options. Instead of using buckets to empty her backyard, she's running a pump attached to a yellow line that ends at the street.

"I told the city I know it's illegal to throw the sewage to the street, but what else can we do?" said Fernandez.

She said there are no crews scheduled to come out and fix the line, so she has to call every day to try to get a crew to show up. Fernandez hopes the problem resolved before summer gets here and the weather starts to heat up.

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