Kids in home nearly hit by snapped tree

February 11, 2009 11:26:26 AM PST
A family in northwest Harris County is lucky to be alive, after strong winds blew a tree through their mobile home last night.[YOUR PHOTOS: Send your weather pictures to the Eyewitness Weather team]

It happened around 1am off Willow Leaf Drive near Kuykendahl in the Spring area. The tree sliced through the front door and towards the middle of the trailer. That tree was close to hitting two children asleep in the mobile home.

"We were just about to go to sleep. We had already put the kids to bed and were just about to turn off the lights and then there was a loud crash. It sounded like a bomb," said resident Tipanie Watson.

The 70 foot pine tree fell through the middle of the mobile home, cutting it in two pieces. Inside were Watson's two small children along with her husband and his parents. The children were caught in the path of the fallen tree.

"I couldn't see anything so I just ran and I fell through the trailer," said Watson. "I could hear my daughter and I could feel her. So I crawled out and I got her out. She was actually underneath some limbs."

Watson was able to free her four-year-old son as well. But none of them could actually get out of the mobile home. They were trapped and the fire department was called out to the scene.

"They had to knock out the door, a few things like that. My mother-in-law has Muscular Dystrophy. They had to help her get out and then myself," she said.

The family rents the mobile home and is currently working with the owner to find somewhere else to live.

"I didn't really think it was this bad and whenever I got here, I was glad that his babies weren't, they could have been killed," said landlord Susan McCants. "They came out without even a scratch. The only thing I can do is praise God. This is a truly miracle that nobody was killed and nobody was injured."

The family is trying to salvage what they can from the damaged home.

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