Unwelcome attention on former Texans lineman

February 9, 2009 5:46:20 PM PST
Former Houston Texan Jordan Black is like a lot of NFL offensive lineman, he'd rather not get noticed.His problem is that he wanted to help out his friend and former Texans lineman Dan Stevenson. Now he hopes he didn't end up hurting his own career.

Monday Black was working out at Danny Arnold's Plex. He is going through his normal routine, but after ESPN's Outside the Lines reported player allegations that the Texans conducted illegal off-season drills, backed up by Black, his life is anything but normal.

"To tell you the truth this got a lot bigger than I thought it would," he told us. "I was just addressing the issue that happened with me."

Black injured his shoulder during the alleged off-season workouts last year. He was released by the Texans before training camp. The five year NFL veteran has filed a grievance against the Texans. Black says he has no problem with the one-on-one drills in question.

"I don't have a problem with it," he said. "I'll do pass rush drills, I'll do whatever you want. The expectation is there that if you are injured doing that activity, the team should take care of you when it happens."

Black says his shoulder is back to 100% and he has signed with Jacksonville next season. He says he was just trying to help out his friend Dan Stevenson by doing the EPSN interview.

"If I could do it all over again, I would have just kept to myself and dealt with it behind the scenes like I was planning to originally," Black said.

Black doesn't want to be labeled as someone who'll blow the whistle on his team. He hasn't heard anything from the Jaguars yet which he hopes is a good thing.

"I'm just doing what anyone else would do, trying to take care of themselves and taking care of their livelihood," Black said.

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