Tearful plea in missing woman case

February 9, 2009 3:36:35 PM PST
It's been one week since Susana DeJesus was abducted at gunpoint from a shopping center in Pearland. On Monday, investigators revealed new details that could help paint a clearer picture of exactly what happened. [AUDIO: Hear the 911 call from after the alleged abduction]

Brazoria County Sheriff's Department investigators are essentially dissecting every aspect of Susana DeJesus' life. They're looking for a clue, an indicator as to why someone would target her.

"All I want is for her to come home. That's all I want," said DeJesus' sister, Guilly Puente. "I miss talking to her. I miss hugging her. I miss having dinner with her. I miss everything about her. And I know that she is alive. I feel it in my heart that she is alive."

As family members plead for her safe return, sheriff's investigators are releasing new details about the 37-year-old's demeanor at the time of the abduction. A co-worker who was with her witnessed the crime.

"When the abductor approached her she didn't panic," said Capt Chris Kincheloe with the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office. "It's almost as if she may have had some element that she understood what was happening."

Authorities believe DeJesus may not have been picked at random, suggesting something in her personal life may have made her a target, though they would not elaborate.

Investigators interviewed at least a half dozen of DeJesus' acquaintances this weekend to learn more about her. Those involved in the case hope the $15,000 reward will convince someone with information to come forward.

"No matter how small you might think the fact that you have may be, every little bit helps," said Katherine Cabaniss with Crime Stoppers.

It's information that could bring DeJesus' abductor to justice and ultimately return her to her family.

"All I want is for her to come home," said Puente. "That's all I want."

The FBI is not only taking an interest in this case, they're also taking more of an active role in the investigation.

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