Officers file suit against NFL star's father

February 5, 2009 5:26:40 PM PST
Three police officers accused of brutality are now fighting back in court. They filed a lawsuit against the man who claimed they beat him while arresting him. But Marvin Driver, Jr., isn't the only one named in the suit. [READ LAWSUIT: Take a look at the lawsuit filed Thursday (pdf)]

We've been following this story since the arrest of Driver in November when he made the allegations. Driver is the father of Green Bay Packer football player Donald Driver.

After Marvin Driver, Jr., ended up in the intensive care unit, allegations of police misconduct exploded. Even though the three officers were eventually cleared of any wrongdoing, they have now filed a civil lawsuit against Driver and community activist Quanell X. Our legal analyst, Joel Androphy, says he's not surprised.

"If these officers want blood, then it's going to get awful nasty," said Androphy. "I doubt that the defense is going to do nothing."

In the suit, the officers say, "After Mr. Driver regained consciousness at Hermann Hospital, Mr. Driver, along with Quanell X... began making false and defamatory statements regarding Plaintiffs."

The lawsuit continues with, "Defendants' statements against Plaintiffs were false and defamatory, injured Plaintiffs' reputation, and exposed Plaintiffs to public hatred, contempt, ridicule, financial injury."

Driver didn't want to comment, but attorney Randall Kallinen, who's representing Quanell X, denied those allegations.

"Anybody can file a lawsuit against anybody for anything by filing paperwork in the courthouse and that's all this is," he said. "It's not worth the paper it's printed on."

Kallinen says he and his client will vigorously defend against those allegations. As a result, this case can drag on for years.

"This is a reaction that many people take, but on the other hand, if they're concerned about their reputation, all this does is expose everything that's happened for the next two or three years," said Androphy.

The Houston Police Officers Union and the officers involved are planning to hold a news conference Friday to flush out the allegations.

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