Search continues for abducted woman

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DeJesus was kidnapped around 9:30pm Monday night and now her family is holding out hope for her safe return.

"I love her and everybody wants her back home. That's all I want," said DeJesus' sister Giully Puente.

Puente and her sister's best friend passed out flyers to passersby in Pearland, hoping somebody knows something about DeJesus' abduction.

"That's the reason why I'm here and that's the reason I just want her home. I don't care what it takes, just please bring her home," said Puente.

An ATM camera snapped a picture of a man in DeJesus' 2008 Cadillac CTS Monday night about 10:30pm. The photo was taken at a Washington Mutual bank branch at Scott and Old Spanish Trail in south Houston.

The car was later found abandoned at an apartment complex in southwest Houston. On Wednesday afternoon, police used dogs to track DeJesus' scent.

"I got my guys in the field right now. They're out working trying to come up with something," said Capt. Chris Kincheloe of the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators are working with Houston and Pearland police and the Ft. Bend County Sheriff's Office.

"The day after this happened, there was a home invasion over there early in the day like seven in the morning, so what we're doing is reaching out to all the other agencies to see if we can get anything to correlate," said Capt. Kincheloe.

Monday night when DeJesus was kidnapped, she was leaving work at the Catherine's Plus Sizes Shop where she was an assistant manager.

We also learned a sad fact about this case: DeJesus is a recent widow. Her husband was killed in a car accident last year.

An organized search for Susana DeJesus will begin Thursday with Texas Equusearch.

If you see DeJesus, or know anything about this crime, please call the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office at 281-756-2392.


This missing person's case happened not far from a home invasion earlier this week in Pearland. Police say someone broke into a home on Fallscreek Court and tied a woman up inside. She managed to escape and get help. The suspects are still on the run.

There was also a home invasion in Missouri City on Tuesday morning. Two gunmen stormed into a house, tied up the three family members and ransacked a home. The robbers took electronics, cash and the family's truck.

Investigators are not sure if any of these cases are related.

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