Gov. Perry proposes tuition freeze

January 27, 2009 5:37:34 PM PST
On Tuesday Governor Rick Perry gave his State of the State address in Austin. Among the many topics he brought up was a bold plan that would affect every college student in Texas[READ MORE: Gov. Perry's State of the State address]

The governor is calling for a tuition freeze to ease the financial burden, but what are the chances of this proposal becoming a reality?

As you might imagine, students and their parents applaud the plan, but some say it just doesn't make sense coming from the governor who helped allow the tuition hikes in the first place.

Among the 35,000 students at the University of Houston, Brandon Bell is one of those people.

"I definitely see an increase in tuition. It can be troublesome at times," said the University of Houston senior.

Bell like many students say in their time in school, they've seen tuition increase several thousand dollars a year.

"It adds up," said Bell.

Governor Perry's plan freezes tuition rates at the level they are when a student starts as a freshman. The price would remain the same as long as the student graduates in four years and sticks with the same degree.

"I can't imagine any student that would be against that," said UH student Elizabeth Strickland.

UH-Downtown VP for Student Services Ed Apodaca says he has many questions about the Governor's proposal.

"It's getting very expensive and I think we need to address the increasing cost of tuition and fees," he said.

If tuition is frozen at the rate a student enters school, Apodaca says the school may simply average a projected increase over that four-year period and have the student start at that rate. If tuition is frozen he says the state would need to make up the difference.

"The state should. Somebody is going to have to pay for the cost of education," said Apodaca.

It is unclear just how feasible that might be.

The governor's office says this proposal could be an incentive for some students to graduate as the cost of an education would increase after four years.

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