Web sites offer help picking utilities

January 22, 2009 7:38:58 AM PST
Everyone is pinching pennies these days hoping to save a buck and if you feel like you are paying too much for your utilities, it may be worth it to shop around. The thing is who has time to call all the different companies to find the best rate on power or the best deal on cable?

Everyone is looking at ways to cut their utility bills, but not everyone has the time to shop around.

"It takes about a good whole days worth of calling around, see what's covered, not covered," said consumer Wendall Wade.

Jeff Wagoner with Whitefence.com says his Houston company's free Internet site is able to track and compare prices on home services like the Internet, television, home phone, cell phone and electricity.

"It's a site where you type in your address and all of the services, the home services available for you, will show up on your screen," Wagoner said.

After you type in any residential address in the US within seconds it returns a quick list of what service is available from what company and at what price. We wanted to check the electricity rates for a zip code in Spring. We found the cheapest rate at eleven and half cents a kilowatt and the most expensive at 18.5. Each plan will tell you how long the rate lasts and the conditions and terms.

"You have the ability to actually connect those services online as well without ever having to pick up the phone," Wagoner said.

There's also another website called allconnect.com and it offers a similar free service. Like whitefence.com it takes away the headache and complication of the growing options in utility and home services. Like many consumers, Madhuri Vasudevan had no idea these Web sites existed, but now she plans to take advantage of them.

"I think it would be extremely convenient to have that kind of Web site that you can utilize for so many services at the same time, it makes it extremely efficient," said Vasudevan.

Before you sign up for any service remember to read all the terms and conditions.

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