Cinco Ranch squeaks by Klein, 1-0

KATY, TX The Lady Cougars went up 1-0 in the 80th minute on a goal by Amy Brodeur.

"I just tried to get it with my left (foot) and unfortunately my teammate was in my way, so I just took it again with my right and it went in. I was definitely happy about that one," said Brodeur.

The Cinco Ranch defense made the goal hold up. Lady Cougars coach Amy Pettibone said, "We did a good job defensively of keeping them from ever really making a big threat. Our keepers did a good job."

Jordan Hutar and Yasmine Jassal were in the net for Cinco Ranch to team up on the shutout. All four of the Lady Cougars wins this season were shutouts.

"We have a very, very strong defense this year. We all have a lot of experience with each other," said Jassal.

The Lady Coogs offense is a mix of older and younger players. Cinco Ranch's leading scorer is freshman Jordan Hatler who has seven goals and two assists. Hatler said it could be intimidating for such a young player if she didn't know what to expect.

"It's very nerve-wracking and I really didn't know what to do because our team is seniors, juniors, two sophomores and then I'm a freshman. We all just kind of stuck together as the year went on. The seniors and juniors helped us through and no matter what, they were always very positive," said Hatler.

That kind of care is probably why Coach Pettibone tells us this is the closest team she's ever coached.

"They genuinely love each other. They're just the most positive group of girls I've been around. They're fun. I look forward to seeing them every day and if I have to miss for some reason, I feel sad. They're a goofy group of girls," said Pettibone.

The Lady Coogs lost in the regional quarterfinals last year, but they feel with closeness and chemistry they have this season, they can make a nice run in the playoffs.

"I think we can go farther than we did last year. I think we can make it to the regional tournament this year. We just need to stay focused and keep on track," said Brodeur.

Goalie Jassal agreed, "Coach Pettibone always sets the bar and we have to live above it. I feel that this year if we just keep going the way we are that we're going to go very far. Hopefully we'll still be playing in April."

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