More than just a pretty face

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Cindy Crawford defined the moment when fashion models became stars in their own right. And as we found out, there's more to this supermodel than just a pretty face.

She's the ultimate crossover star, one of the world's best known supermodels. Crawford graced the covers of more than 1,000 fashion magazines and lit up the world of advertising. The brunette hair, the trademark mole, and who can forget those red-hot Pespi commercials?

Her legacy was firmly cemented as an American icon when she became known by her first name only. But in the two decades since that first cover shoot, Crawford has taught us all she's more than just a pretty face.

"I didn't stay stuck in the past," she told us. "I'm 42. I'm not trying to do fashion shows and vogue covers. I've embraced the changes and said yes to new opportunities."

So before Heidi and Tyra, Crawford used her fame to blaze a business brand, launching skincare, fashion, and fitness lines. But it wasn't until she was spotted in a home design magazine she found her latest passion.

"They had seen some pictures in my house of Elle decor," she told us. "They got in touch with me and said, 'Would you be interested in doing a furniture line?'"

An eye for style and business savvy led her to help design her own line of furniture for Rooms To Go. And she isn't some flash in the pan. Now in its third year, her furniture line is one of the fastest growing in the nation.

"The line has been exceptional," said Warren Kornblum from Rooms To Go. "We introduced it in the fall of 2006. It has been extremely well accepted."

She's involved in the entire process, from finding inspiration in her own Malibu, California home to approving every little detail of design.

"Honestly, I see every wood finish, every piece of hardware, every fabric sample," said Crawford.

And she's not stopping now. The wife and mother of two only plans to expand her future endeavors.

"You learn a little bit each time, and you take what you learn and take that to the next venture, so this is certainly the biggest," said Crawford. "It's fun. I've learned a lot about the furniture business, probably more than I ever thought I would know."

Now that is true beauty.

Crawford, by the way, was her high school's valedictorian. She also received a scholarship to study chemical engineering at Northwestern, but decided soon after to model full time.

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