Ex-lawmaker not guilty of bad behavior

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Miles was acquitted Thursday of all three charges against him, a vindication more than a year in the making.

"It was a good day," said Miles. "It was a good day for me and my family and the people."

The trial stemmed from two alleged incidents back in December of 2007. The former state lawmaker was accused of going to the Lexus Lounge of the Toyota Center during a Rockets game and pulling a gun on the wife of a TSU regent. After the game, Miles was accused of crashing a party at the St. Regis Hotel, again displaying a weapon and even forcibly kissing another man's wife.

Prosecutors had argued that Miles got shunned, that the crimes were acts of defiance and power.

"He went over there to prove a point -- This is my town, my hotel. This is my spot. It's where I go. How dare you not invite Boris Miles to the party," said prosecutor John Stephenson to the jury on Thursday.

But Miles' attorney argues the charges were made up, a political witch hunt made by a group of friends who had a personal vendetta against him.

"At the end of the day, each of them had a reason to want to get rid of him and to ruin him and in fact, they're the only ones who will tell anyone -- law enforcement or you -- that he had a gun that night or that he did any of this," said Rusty Hardin, who represented Miles.

In the end, the jury was unanimous. Members weren't satisfied with the state's case.

"It feels like the state didn't provide us enough impartial evidence," said jury foreman Forrest Peugnet. "They just didn't fulfill the burden of proof."

For Miles, he says he's glad to have his name cleared. As for his political life...

"I'm an elected official, elected by the people," he told us. "If they want me back, I'll be back."

One juror we with whom we spoke told us it was a photo of Miles holding a glass of wine that convinced him he wasn't guilty. That juror said he didn't think Miles could flash a gun and hold that glass of wine at the same time.

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