Alleged attic intruder 'sorry, upset'

January 6, 2009 8:10:14 AM PST
A man who allegedly squatted in the attic of a Pennsylvania family's home over Christmas and helped himself to their belongings is "sorry and upset" it happened, his lawyer said Monday. [SIGN UP: Get bizarre news sent to you]

Police say 21-year-old Stanley Carter stole food, clothing, cash and Christmas presents while living in the attic of Stacy Ferrance's home outside Wilkes-Barre.

Carter waived his right to a preliminary hearing Monday. His attorney, public defender Basil Russin, said Carter, of Trumann, Ark., is "very sorry and upset it happened. He was very peaceful up there and kept to himself."

Carter had been staying with friends who are Ferrance's neighbors in a duplex. After they asked him to leave, he apparently accessed the shared attic through a trap door in a bedroom ceiling and lived there for several days.

Police found Carter on Dec. 26 after Ferrance told authorities that items had been taken and she found footprints in her bedroom closet, where the attic trap door is.

Carter even kept a list of everything he took, labeling it "Stanley's Christmas List," police said.

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