Eleven steps to keep your resolutions

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Across America this list goes on and on and on every year at about this time. New Year's resolutions made... New Year's resolutions failed. Below are 11 suggestions from acclaimed Change Your Life Coach Jim Fannin that can help make those New Year's Resolutions stick:

  1. Out with the old... In with the new. It's time to bury 2008. Take down your holiday decorations. Get rid of everything that is unwanted (you're on your own with relationships). It's time to start fresh. It's time to wipe your slate clean. It's time to prune the tree. Change your "worn-out" expressions that you sprinkled in all your conversations in 2008. If you are still using, "Yada Yada Yada" -- bag it. Forget how you used to manage your money in 2008. Clean your closets. Give your "fat clothes" to Goodwill. It may be time to get a new broker, banker, accountant, dentist, physician, attorney or psychic. It may be time to re-invent you.
  2. Be realistic. Make a list of things that are possible. Limit your resolutions. It's better to change one big thing than five little ones. However, it's ok to reach for goals that are a stretch. For example, as a 14-handicap golfer, becoming a scratch golfer within the next 12 months is more than a stretch. This is especially true if you have a full time job and a spouse and 3 children at home. It's more realistic to reduce your handicap to a 9. This is a resolution that could be possible if it's planned out in detail. Remember, your resolutions cannot be about something that you physically or technically cannot do.
  3. See what you want, NOT what you don't want. Avoid statements like "I don't want to swear any more." Instead, say, "I have clean speech."
  4. Make your resolutions measurable. I want to be happy... I want to lose weight... I want to get healthy. These are all nice thoughts but they are only wishful thinking. A resolution that is measurable is something like I want to weigh 122 pounds by 3/1/09 or I will play tennis competitively in a league by 6/1/09 or I want to be vice president of my company by 12/31/09.
  5. See it and say it as if it's so. I am going to lose weight is not a resolution. Act as if you have already accomplished your feat. Say what you want in finished state. "I am fit at 140 pounds with 10% body fat." That is a resolution easier to keep. See this in your mind and say it as if it is so- this is one of the keys of how a champion thinks. You can't be 140 pounds in a body that sees itself as 160 pounds.
  6. Work backwards. Millions of Americans will attempt to reach their resolutions by going from A to B. However, champions first mentally see B. Then they illuminate a pathway from B chronologically back to A. The champion then proceeds to literally move from A to B on a well-defined course of action. Now if you get off track you can easily find your way. Walk on your well-lit pathway from A to B as if it's so, as if you've already accomplished the goal.
  7. Place a deadline. In order to make mental, physical and technical routine changes in your life, a deadline is mandatory. This deadline of accomplishment will create stress. This stress is good as long as it is created by you and for your benefit. Make your deadlines 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, or 1 month. Again make them realistic and make them definite.
  8. Break it down. If you have an annual goal, break it down into months, weeks and days. Create an action plan and be aware of the tactics and strategies on a daily basis. Now change can be facilitated. Again make sure each part has a realistic deadline.
  9. Remain positive. Negative self talk regarding your resolution will always end in failure. Avoid putting yourself down, talking about the past, comparing yourself to others or judging yourself.
  10. Daily dress rehearsal. Mentally dress rehearse the night before the next day. See what you will accomplish regarding your resolution. This day is 1/90th of your quarterly goal or 1/365th of your annual goal. I personally lost 68 pounds by visualizing exactly what I would eat the next day and exactly when and what I would do for exercise. I performed this dress rehearsal in a relaxed physical and mental state every night before I went to sleep.
  11. Repetition... Repetition... Repetition. Thinking about your positive resolution will work when your thoughts are consistent See accomplishment just before you go to sleep at night and just as you wake up in the morning. Framing your day by seeing it as if it is so will create the repetition and persistence needed to accomplish great resolutions.
"Success is getting up one more time from defeat," remarked Change Your Life Coach Jim Fannin. "If you fall off the wagon on the way to the resolution get back up immediately. As your mom probably has said, when faced with a setback,'Keep your chin up!'" Now that you are armed with my eleven-step program, remember, good fortune favors the bold! Be bold with what you want and have a Happy New Year!"

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