Bullets strike man while in bed

January 2, 2009 5:00:03 AM PST
No gunfire to ring in the New Year, it's a message that we hear again and again. [SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

However early Thursday morning in Katy, someone ignored that message and a man was shot while lying in his bed.

That Katy man was inside his bedroom around midnight when bullets came through the wall of his house on Clay near Fry and hit him in the leg.

There were fireworks going on there on New Year's Eve, so it was hard to hear where the gunshots came from. The people in the house, who asked not to be identified, believe they came from their backyard neighbor, but that neighbor said he doesn't own a gun.

"They were looking for a gun, but we don't have a gun," said a neighbor only identified as 'Laurent.' "I told them, 'Let them search everything' and they were gone."

The neighbor said at first he couldn't believe someone had shot a gun from his backyard. But in the daylight, even he was surprised by the number of bullet holes in his back fence.

There was a tight pattern of bullet holes in the fence. On the other side, you could see where the bullets entered the house. The bullet holes were marked by the Harris County Sheriff's Deputies.

"We're scared just like anybody else," Laurent told us. "And I just can't understand that."

Investigators say it doesn't look like someone was deliberately targeted. Instead they believe it's probably a case of negligent use of a gun. But they will continue the investigation.

Although the shooting occurred about midnight, sheriff's investigators are not calling this celebratory gunfire. There's more to this shooting. Investigators are trying to figure out who shot some half a dozen bullets into a house.

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