Medical exam or going too far?

December 31, 2008 8:39:47 PM PST
What happened inside a west Houston medical center has a local woman filing suit. [SIGN UP: Get headlines and breaking news sent to you]

She says a man who worked there touched her, something she claims he's not trained to do.

It was one CAT scan last year that a woman says changed her life.

"I was pretty trusting of people and now it's very different, very different," the victim who did not want her name used said.

We are protecting her identity because she believes she was a victim of sexual assault. The woman says she walked into West Houston Medical Center with severe abdominal pain but left feeling victimized.

"I felt violated like he was trying to get off," she admitted.

It was last November. After a number of tests in the emergency room, her doctor ordered a CAT scan and that's when she met Anthony Ademolu. He's licensed with the state as a CAT scan technologist, but she says what he did that morning was well outside the scope of his job description.

"He did the CAT scan but he also took it upon himself to do a breast exam and pelvic exam," she explained. "It wasn't a breast exam as a gynecologist would do, it was more fondling my breasts."

The woman reported it to the hospital and then to Houston police. Ademolu has been charged with misdemeanor assault her attorney says because prosecutors didn't believe there was enough evidence to meet the criteria for sexual assault.

But during the investigation according to the police report, the investigator discovered Ademolu is listed as a suspect in two previous cases with identical MO's. He never was charged in those cases.

"He's not a doctor, he's a technician," said the woman's attorney Robert Luke. "He's supposed to operate the x-ray machine, the CT machine, maybe the MRI machine, I'm not sure. But he's not supposed to touch patients, not supposed to provide treatment, he's not a doctor."

In Ademolu's police statement, he denies he ever touched the woman inappropriately. We wanted to talk to him. No one answered his door. His attorney did not return our call.

"There are probably other victims we don't even know about," Luke said.

While the criminal case moves forward, the woman is suing Ademolu, she says, with a greater purpose.

"I just want to make sure it doesn't happen again, the word is out," she told us.

The woman's attorney says if there are other alleged victims, he hopes they come forward. No one with West Houston Medical Center returned our calls today.

The state health department says Ademolu has a current license and is facing no open investigations. His criminal trial is set for Monday.

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