Woman claims rat attack in Wal-Mart

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Wal-Mart used to be Rhonda Mayes' favorite grocery store.

"They have good prices and they have what I need mostly," she told us.

But she adds what she needs should not include rodents.

Last week as she was returning a movie to a kiosk inside the store, Mayes was surprised by a rat. "When I felt it I looked down and I jumped and kicked and it ran back under the Redbox," Mayes described.

Mayes took a cell phone photo of her foot right after the incident which showed the alleged rat left four to five scratches. At the time all she wanted to do was see a doctor.

"I don't know whether this thing had rabies," she said.

But the single mother with no health insurance can't afford a doctor's visit at this point and hoped Wal-Mart would pay for a visit. She told us the company offered her $50 on Tuesday.

"That's not going to cover anything," Mayes said.

Wal-Mart spokesperson Ashley Hardie told us:

"We make every effort to ensure our stores are safe, clean and comfortable for our customers. We contract with a pest control company which regularly inspects and treats our stores in order to maintain a clean and comfortable environment."

Mayes isn't so sure.

"I hate to think that I've bought produce that rats have been on, it's nasty," she said.

Her foot is almost healed, but not her confidence in her favorite grocery store.

"I guess I will have to go across the street to HEB now," Mayes told us.

According to Hardie, the pest control company was at the store the morning before the incident but did not find any evidence of rodents. She says because of Mayes' complaint, Wal-Mart has asked the pest control company to return to the store to re-inspect for rats.

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