Sex assault suspect nabbed

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Just a week ago, police asked for the public's help in finding the man who sexually assaulted and stabbed two young Houston women in two separate attacks last month. One happened on Hardy Road, the other on West Polk. Authorities feared if he wasn't captured, the list of victims would grow. The Houston Police Department released an artist's sketch that closely resembled McKeever but the break in the case was a drop of blood left at the second crime scene.

"The code was hit. It was the fact that he left his DNA back at the scene that was pivotal in this investigation," said Lt. Michael Waterwall with HPD.

McKeever has a long history of sexual assault dating back to a conviction in Alabama when he was just 19. He was released most recently from prison in August after having served five years for attacking a young woman with a knife.

McKeever is a registered sex offender in Alabama but it remains unclear to authorities if he needed to register here in Texas.

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