Raising spirits on the Bolivar Peninsula

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Many of you remember the image of one house. The house belonging to Warren and Pam Adams was the only one left standing in Gilchrist after the storm. And while the couple wasn't in the holiday spirit after what they and their neighbors went through, a few decorations went a long way in raising spirits.

"We had no Christmas sprits whatsoever this year," said Pam Adams.

Those are harsh words Pam thought she would never speak. Hurricane Ike severely damaged their beach home and their Christmas spirit.

"We'd been depressed about this thing since the storm," said Warren Adams. "I think it definitely has cheered me up."

It was Pam who decided to make a run to Winnie last Saturday. A nail here, a wreath there, sprinkle some lights, and their outlook changed almost immediately.

"We more or less called off Christmas this year," said Pam. "Once we put up these few lights on the house and everyone seemed to enjoy them so much and then it got to where I got in the Christmas spirit and I got to where I went out and did a little bit of shopping. I guess the lights did it."

Once in a neighborhood with more than 200 homes, the Adams' home was one of a handful still standing and the only one we could find in Gilchrist decorated for Christmas. It's now a sign of hope and renewal.

"I can't wait until the day I'm sitting up on the deck and watching structures go up and be able to go to a grocery store in Crystal Beach," said Pam. "It'll all come back. It'll just take a while."

The Adams decorations have provided the only lights in the area and has become a landmark for people driving by.

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