Deer slaying suspect due in court

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A judge tripled Gregory's bond, setting it at $15,000 and then re-arresting him. Investigators say Gregory admitted breaking into the pen at Bear Creek Park in west Houston where the deer known to so many as "/*Mr. Buck*/" was kept Authorities say Gregory claims the deer charged him from 30 feet away, injuring him with its antlers. Gregory claims he stabbed the deer in self defense. It's a claim detectives do not believe.

"There's just too much planning that went into this -- planning and execution that went into this in a very covert style in the middle of the night," said Asst. Chief John J. Laine with the Precinct 5 Constable's office.

Investigators wonder, why would Gregory be there in the first place at night? Why, they say, would he bring bolt cutters, a bone saw and then leave with the deer's head, presumably as a trophy?

Park visitor Kimberly Myers said, "I think that's a load of... I really do!"

Folks who have brought their children to see the deer for years and say it was so tame it would let you pet it just can't understand how someone could do something so violent to an animal so many loved.

"It just makes me cry just thinking about what somebody like that could do," Myers said.

Wildlife officials at /*Bear Creek Park*/ say "Mr. Buck" was kept here for a reason. The deer's leg was injured in its first year of life.

" He was here because he could not survive on his own," said park official Mike McMahan.

Had the deer not had that injury, McMahan speculates, the deer might have had a better chance against Gregory and might even have survived.

The judge's ruling also set conditions of Gregory's bond. Should he bond out he must wear an ankle monitor to track his movements and he must remain under house arrest 24/7, while the case is prosecuted.

Gregory's attorney would not comment on the allegations against his client.

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